10'6" iSUP Turquoise Edition

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Length 10'6" / 320 cm   

Width 32" / 81 cm   

Thickness 4.5" / 12 cm

Rider weight up to 220 lbs   

iSUP kit weight 24 lbs

PSI Pressure limits:  Min 10psi. - Max 15psi.

The Different Breed Inflatable SUP series was created by traveling enthusiasts to offer a convenient and progressive way to get out on the water without greatly compromising quality and the performance.

Wherever your adventures take you, the Different Breed iSUP is easy to transport, pumps up quick, and offers the most versatility of all around riding.  Constructed with premium layers of watercraft materials to create the most rigid like ride, sets a high standard. Get set up with the package, and ready to travel complete with your own iSUP.

Complete iSUP kit comes with:

-Different Breed 10'6" Inflatable Paddleboard
-3 piece adjustable aluminum floating paddle 
-High flow pump with easy read psi. gauge
-Removable centre fin and four integrated iFins
-Front and Rear Bungee secure tie down sections *New for 2021
-Front secure cleat  
-Neoprene centre, front and rear carry handles *New for 2021
-Repair kit
-Travel board bag
2019/2020 iSUP Model Sample Kit

Durable Quality Board Build

The Different Breed Inflatable Paddleboard offers a solid feel for all around riding.  Allowing for up to 15 pounds of air pressure that can be easily read on the pump gauge.  To allow the rigid construction, 100 mm drop stitch base cloth material is used for the top & bottom while connected with added PVC layers.  4 integrated fins are aligned as a quad and 1 removable centre fin can be placed in for maximum control. The top is gripped with a diamond shape EVA deck pad with comfortable neoprene handles conveniently placed in the centre, front and rear of the boards.