Different Breed Stand Up Paddleboard and Business Reviews

Different Breed Stand Up Paddleboard and Business Reviews

Pure Kitchen - Ottawa, Canada "Different Breed paddle boards have been an integral part of our summer staff gatherings for several years in a row. Both professional and playful, some of our staff were able to try Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time ever, safely and with the guidance of Different Breed's experience. It's an incredible team building treat that promotes healthy lifestyles and nature therapy all in one! We would recommend Different Breed to be a part of your next gathering - big or small - it'll make waves." Tara Porter - Pure Kitchen

L and P Camper Vans - Vancouver, British Columbia - After using the Different Breed iSUPs on six different lakes around British Columbia, Canada with my wife and baby boy, we found your boards to perform awesome and the quality to be above the other brands we compared them to. Thank you!

Grass Fed Kitty - Ottawa, Canada SHOUTOUT "Different Breed is a small and independent, Ottawa based company, offering balance boards and different types of SUP boards, CHECK them out

Sarah Billows - Ottawa, Canada. I had been eyeing one of the inflatable paddleboards from this company for a while before I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase it. Frankie, the owner, was amazing at answering all of the questions I had and explaining everything to me as I had never even tried a paddle board before purchasing this one. The customer service overall was fantastic! I have since tried other boards when swapping with friends to let them try mine and I can now say without a doubt that I purchased the best board out there! I also have purchased their hoodie which quickly made it's way to the top as my fave hoodie! Definitely recommend this company!!

Scia Shorliffe. Constance Bay, Ontario. Canada. "Different Breed is a different breed board! I’ve paddle boarded with my sisters inflatable, not as good quality! My Different Breed board is very rigid and durable. I inflated it once and used it several times, it kept inflated and still felt rigid, like a solid board.
I noticed the difference in quality from other boards, the handles, bungee zones, the deck pad and the 5 fin system!
Excellent quality, and manages easily. Deflating and folding into the bag very easily!
This is the first board I’ve owned, I’m so happy that I made the right choice!


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