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Balance Board Black Pro Deck

Step Up Your Balance!

  • Pure Yoga, Pure kitchen works with different breed paddleboards and inflatables. corporate events for the staff.  paddle board event for PURE Ottawa


    "Different Breed paddle boards have been an integral part of our summer staff gatherings for several years in a row. Both professional and playful, some of our staff were able to try Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time ever, safely and with the guidance of Different Breed's experience. It's an incredible team building treat that promotes healthy lifestyles and nature therapy all in one! We would recommend Different Breed to be a part of your next gathering - big or small - it'll make waves." Tara Porter - Pure Kitchen

  • inflatable paddleboards offered in Canada for customers.  premium quality stand up paddleboards. Inflatable paddleboards that are one of the best in the market.  Paddleboards available for Toronto, Barrie, mississauga.  perfect sport for lake ontario.

    Grass Fed Kitty

    SHOUTOUT "Different Breed is a small and independent, Ottawa based company, offering balance boards and different types of SUP boards, CHECK them out

  • L and P Campers Vancouver

    After using the Different Breed iSUPs on six different lakes around British Columbia, Canada with my wife and baby boy, we found your boards to perform awesome and the quality to be above the other brands we compared them to. Thank you!

  • Shopify Customer from Ontario

    The board is AMAZING. We have used it over a dozen times and all my friends love it! It's better quality than the ones they sell around here in Toronto especially for the price! We have tagged "differentbreedca" in social media and hope we can help your business grow! Thanks for all the assistance and would definitely look forward to buying another board from you soon!

Genuine SUP Build

No short cuts are taken to create a high level paddleboard. Since 2016, we have worked directly with our manufacture over seas to make sure our customers benefit from our SUP product line. We go over and above what is offered mainstream, to create a premium brand that is unique to feel proud representing.

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Canex now offers different breed paddleboards to the military community. for 0% financing.  Inflatable paddle boards offered in Ottawa for sale.  Different Breed Paddleboards available for sale in store in Ottawa for inflatables iSUP. 10'6" all around

Canex.ca CF1 Members

New For 2022

Military CF1 members can now shop Different Breed products and be able to finance at 0% through Canex. Just provide Canex with your order and we will ship out direct to you! Get set up for next season! Proven by the Nova Scotia Navy and Military throughout Canada.

  • 10'6 x 32" Inflatable Paddleboard View

    Video: Frankie Bellissimo goes over the "Slater" All Time Series inflatable paddleboad iSUP. The most versitile and stable!

  • 12'6 x 30" Inflatable Paddleboard View

    Video: Frankie Bellissimo goes over the "South Forest" Double Wall Bamboo Touring Race iSUP.

  • 10'6" Promo Sale iSUP

    Our orginial iSUP built for the Canadian Navy. We have a few left available for first come!/products/adult-inflatable-paddleboard-isup-series