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Balance Board - Black Pro Deck

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All New for 2022!  All our previous Canadian wood grain boards are proven and completely the same size as our new - Black Pro Deck Balance Board.

The new Black Pro Deck Balance Board offers the same great range of motion and defined duel grab tip, and one of a kind effective balance board design.  Activate on the new Octagon grip platform for the highest performance with custom Different Breed CNC graphic.  Heavier for the beating and hard training.  Perfect for cross fit gyms and high usage facilities. 

BENEFIT FROM:  The Largest standing surface in the market for
a greater range of motion and a user friendly roller size.

Length: 32"
Width: 22"
Roller:  4"
Material:  Canadian Maple Ply - ABS Cylinder

Master your potential by activating your dynamic balance!

Advanced training device, for all around addictive balancing fun! Incorporate into your daily routine and take on the road to your events for warm up.  Professional athletes world wide have been using balance boards to help activate and strengthen muscle memory for there individual sport or activity. 

Above and beyond all other balance boards. 

The Different Breed dynamic balance board will offer you a greater range of motion, larger footing surface and a 4" roller that is easy to start and stop without compromising the work out or balance session. 

Starting out, It is best to use on a hard surface with either a firm mat or rubber gym flooring, with a spotter to assist with a helping arm to hold onto in order to test and find the balance rhythm. The roller can even be used for massaging the body.

Balance Board Kit 

In the box

1 - Custom shaped balance board that is clear coated, and shark gripped.

1 - High load ABS roller with Maple end caps

Shipping weight: 10LBS total - 6lbs Board 5lbs Roller 
Designed and manufactured in Ottawa, Canada
Ask for videos!! email us at: or DM @differentbreedca
On the fence about this Balance Board - Black Pro Deck? Don't be. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns.

Inventory Last Updated: Jun 05, 2023